“You Can’t Sell a Secret” You’ve Gotta Be Out There and Visible

Don't Keep Yourself A Secret

Consistency Builds Trust

I know we often groan but it’s true right?! The consistency we must continue to develop builds deep trust with our beautiful community and we must keep showing up for them. Our businesses are built off the back of the people who step forward to work with us, so we must remind them of what we’re up to, what’s happening and give them valuable insights and tips about whatever it is we help them with. They deserve that from us.

We all drop the ball or fall off the bandwagon at times but at the end of the day, if you jump up and get visible again and again you will make that impression and continue to build that business that’s going to last the distance. Cheers to your consistent efforts and if you’ve dropped the ball in the last couple of weeks, what can you do today to reconnect and get visible with your community?

Visibility is More Than Being Seen

When I started podcasting a few years ago one of the things that really stood out to me was the value gained in the shared dialogue. A single conversation opened up so many opportunities for exploration of ideas, knowledge, stories and research and it struck me that you just can’t get that from social posts or short sound bites. We are thoughtful and we are wise and we need to be offering up insights through being heard in a bigger more engaged way.

I think we can often think “visibility” is about purely being seen but true visibility is about being seen and being heard and being read. It’s about being acknowledged, being recognised for what you know and how you help people, society and community. Words and ideas are powerful .

“You Can’t Sell a Secret”

Way back in 2008 I did Diploma of Business majoring in Music Management (managing and advocating talent has always been a focus). Anyway, one of the things they said over and over to us was “you can’t sell a secret” meaning if you keep your product, your band or YOU quiet and secretive no one will know about it and you’ll not do a great deal of favours for yourself when it comes to making sales, selling tickets, gaining new clients etc. You get where I’m going? 🙂.

In the age of online, personal brand building, content creation and raising your profile, you can’t be a secret anymore, you gotta be out there in the spotlight.

There are numerous ways of doing this including writing books, articles and posts, being interviewed, being on podcasts etc – it’s not always about being in front of the camera, but having an approach of visibility and thinking about how much you’re being seen and heard is critical to the foundations you’re laying now in pursuit of building a business and practice that lasts the distance.

You Don’t Have to Be Everywhere, But You Do Have to be Somewhere

I recently did a survey of 50 women and they all said they felt visibility was important. Why? It’s as simple as the old phrase I just mentioned – “you can’t sell a secret”. You definitely don’t have to be “everywhere” but you do have to be “somewhere” and that somewhere needs to be where your potential clients are 😍

Visibility encompasses a lot and there’s a lot of depth to it especially when it comes to your message, thought leadership, what you can offer that’s valuable to people and what you’re saying in the marketplace that’s new, BUT once that’s organised you’ve gotta get out there and get seen. Being seen every week is the important piece of the puzzle, sometimes incredible women come and work with me, get fired up, they get momentum and I hold them to account. Then our coaching comes to an end and within a couple of months, they’ve lost momentum again and their consistency falls off and they’ve missed posting, sometimes for weeks… don’t let this be you.

Keep it up, keep visible, keep saying your stuff and showing up in the places where your people need to hear what it is you have to say. Visibility is the key to profitability. So, keep going no matter what.



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