Visibility and the Holding of People’s Attention

Cultivate Visibility

Attention is Currency

Back in 2010 author, speaker and marketing consultant Chris Brogan said, “cultivate visibility, because attention is currency” he then wrote a blog and talked about the fact that attention, reputation and trust are all currencies. They are very valuable. He proposed that you ask yourself the question —

Where can I add the most value to what matters most to me?

It’s been nearly 10 years since Brogan wrote that blog post and we’ve seen things go from predominantly text to video and now we’re even seeing discussions around an audio or talk-first society, so attention is a currency that’s being traded and it’s more important now than ever before. With the noise and  distraction and competition that’s everywhere, in everyone’s niche, we need to think about the art of visibility and the holding of people’s attention.

Where people hold their attention is really important, not to mention incredibly valuable, and when it comes to your business and what you offer and what you have to say, holding people‘s attention is even more critically important. 

With Visibility Now, it isn’t Just About Being ‘Out There’

It’s not just about being present. One you get someone’s attention you then need to hold onto it and take them somewhere new, somewhere they haven’t been, somewhere that is not just informational but transformational. This means somewhere that doesn’t just educate or inform or entertain but actually changes them.

Within this held experience people need to feel that you truly understand them and that you are going to help them, you’re going to move them or guide them in some way.

Business is about Serving and Helping

Running a business is about offering a service to people, to help people. We have to get back to basics. We have to get back to the roots of that and we have to get back to the core of the fact that we are here to serve and help and that’s what business is. If you’re not effectively doing that, and more importantly effectively explaining in your marketing how you can do that, you just won’t see potential clients sign on the dotted line.

We must raise our visibility, we must value the gift of people’s attention, we mustn’t take that lightly.

If anybody gives you their attention in this technologically distracting landscape that is a gift.

Don’t overlook it

Connection is Key to Building a Successful and Sustainable business

Visibility leads to attention and attention leads to connection. Knowing  know we communicate is key to building solid and trusting relationships. Fads and formulas come and go but connection as the foundation of business is here to stay.

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