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The Trusted Advisor loves research, has a thirst for knowledge and really enjoys piecing things together and finding out the data, the results and the facts and sharing that with others.

You, Trusted Advisor, are of service to others when you’re sharing the results of your research and interpreting data in a way that we can easily consume and understand so we have more knowledge, more awareness, and can make better decisions.

The way you connect with people is by sharing with the community the most important parts of what you’ve discovered in order to help people on an individual, community and global level learn more and become more educated on information they would otherwise not have access to.

What comes naturally and authentically for this Connector style?

Finding simplicity in complexity, discovery, sharing and finding answers through research and data. By going to the ends of the earth to find information that will help our world move forward.

Getting the research done, finding out the information and sharing the facts as well as identifying the potential possibilities and the remedies and measures we can take to rectify, solve or build upon what we already know and do.

The Trusted Advisor is often strongest when stepping into the spotlight with:

Intelligence, strength, clarity, presence, focus, and confidence


You draw on thought, analysis, research and even history to help your clients, community and the world move forward. You remind us that thinking things through, taking the time and acknowledging the facts is important so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past but instead continue to evolve and grow from what you’ve shared with us.

We need more Trusted Advisors

We need you to share with us what you find out and to give us all the information so we can make elegant and informed decisions. We need you to help us feel a sense of stability and security by sharing your knowledge and research in a way we can understand that also gives us a sense of optimism and security that we crave in an unpredictable world.


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