There’s a Shift Happening


I sat down to do my Q3 goals and I thought about what was coming up in my business over the next few months…

There’s some pretty awesome stuff happening including a book launch (woo hoo!) and a new course for women who want to get serious about their online presence but when I took a moment to think (really think) about what I sense women need and want I could feel a shift, a shift in the air. There’s movement, there’s a change of season I feel and I want to discuss it here…

Why do I think a shift is happening?

In the last few years, there’s been an incredible increase in online businesses, we’ve seen people continue to turn to social media (even if FB is shrinking in some markets) to gain reach, exposure and brand awareness and we’ve seen a mega amount of ‘noise’ online from every other person saying they can teach you funnels to every other one saying “become a 6-figure coach overnight” when we start to see so much going on, clutter in our newsfeeds and an enormous number of people seeming to sell the same thing, at some point we realise, something’s gotta give.

It’s virtually impossible to keep up with Facebook’s advertising changes and it’s costing more to keep your lists fresh with new people plus webinar numbers are down and we don’t know whether we’re coming or going when it comes to Facebook groups.

The shift is happening because there’s too much noise,
too much overwhelm and
too many options pulling us in all directions.

So, what do we do?

In my opinion, we go back to basics and we focus on:

  • A return to leadership
  • The specifics of your message – what do you really, truly do for people?
  • Saying new things that matter only to your community
  • A focus on genuine, consistent visibility
  • Carving out incredibly specific niches
  • Bringing back a sense of community within your niche
  • Meeting people in person
  • Speaking and resonating with individuals rather than ‘masses’
  • Getting back to the basics of connection marketing

It’s time to take a more elegant approach to your visibility, client connection, brand awareness and creativity. Thinking in new ways, looking to other industries, cross-fertilizing ideas and showing up with an open, growth mindset will set you apart from those who are regurgitating worn out tactics and overused techniques.

Does this approach take more time? Yes.

Does it take more thought? Yes.

Does it call on you to be more experimental, creative and original in your approach? Yes.

But it’s worth it.

Lasting the distance these days is going to take more than just showing up with another well branded social media post, we have to dig deeper, strive for better and engage in a more connected way, we can’t be surface-level anymore. We need to be saying things and contributing things that matter, have meaning and move people to progress forward in some way. We need to be more intuitive, more thoughtful and think about the ripple effect we’re creating by showing up to do really good, solid work.

Exciting Times Ahead

I’m excited by these shifts, I think it brings back a more sophisticated way of operating, a more thought out, mindful way of approaching business and I think it’s the only way forward if we really want to create things that help people and the world.

If you’re interested in stepping up to show up in a bolder, stronger more influential way, let’s talk.

Head here to have a 1:1 Complimentary Visibility Mapping Session with me.

Until next time,
Emma Franklin Bell xo



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