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The Storyteller loves helping people grow, develop and be courageous through sharing stories.

You, Storyteller, are of service to others when you’re sharing the journey of yourself or someone else or telling a story with the intention of illustrating points and illuminating ideas in order for the listener of to learn, understand, empathise or change. 

The way you connect with people is by using the power of stories. You collect and share stories of any kind. You may draw on myths, legends, tales, parables, fables, factual stories, personal stories, historical stories, biographies or any other kind of story to help get a learning or message across that helps us progress.

What comes naturally and authentically for this Connector style?

Deep engagement and curiosity in the world and how this can be shared with others comes naturally to you. Finding the hidden gem of truth or wisdom in a story that will help us to understand or empathize or change. 

Enlightening people to the ups and downs, the life lessons, turning points and wisdom. The storyteller is not afraid to be vulnerable. If need be, you will share the details of your own story or the big picture ideas, whatever necessary, to help us understand our lives and the world around us a little better. 

The Storyteller is often strongest when stepping into the spotlight with:

 Openness, confidence, empathy, vulnerability, presence and courage.

The STORYTELLER in Summary

You draw on stories of your own and others, myths, legends, history, biographies, tales and fables to help your clients, communities and the world learn, grow and progress. You are engaging and you invite us into your world, you allow us to connect with our vulnerability and you see how storytelling is a true gift to both the one speaking and the one listening.

We need more Storytellers

We need you to keep storytelling alive, to punctuate our lives with colour, emotion and engagement. We need you to remind us that stories truly are, and always have been, the cornerstone of how we learn, how we empathize and how we gain the wisdom to make sense of our world.



  1. Caroline on February 15, 2020 at 5:27 pm

    I found I was a storyteller when first did question, as I find they come naturally to me , either telling mine or others I work with client have given me permission to tell , not using their true names 👍Caroline

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