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I’ve been feeling really under-the-pump these last couple of weeks, I’ve had so many things on, competing projects and several important social engagements. I’m sure you know the feeling!

If you write a weekly newsletter then you probably know how tempting it is sometimes to just let it go. But, it’s really, really important to not let it slip…Nip that temptation in the bud ASAP and don’t drop the ball on writing your weekly newsletter, even if you’ve been thinking “Maybe I could just not send my newsletter this week…” 

BUT why do we, as coaches, consultants and authors need to write and send out a newsletter each week anyway (or fortnight?

The main reasons as I see it are:

  • Consistency in the readers’ eyes, this builds trust. You are someone they can rely on to deliver.
  • Credibility – you’re always creating quality content, you have something useful and interesting and helpful to share with your community.
  • ‘Top of Mind’ – you’re always putting out content so you become known for writing about certain topics and when people want to work with someone who does certain things – you come to mind!
  • Offer your products and services – If you have a great newsletter that provides quality content, when you have a great event, product or service you can let your tribe know about it and they already like you and trust you so you never feel like you’re selling, you’re just sharing what you have on offer to help them.
  • Target community – People who are part of your community and stay reading and following your work year in, year out must love and respect your work and want to hear from you. A weekly newsletter is a lovely, exclusive way of connecting with your people.
  • Ambassadors – Your community who read your newsletters may not be paying clients straight away or ever but they are giving you attention and time and you never know whether they are, in fact, spreading the love about you verbally around the place. Never underestimate the power of your consistent efforts and what impact this can have, even if you’re not seeing dollars from it.

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that if you want to stand-out in your business, especially online, you basically have to be a writer. There’s really no way of getting around it. 

You need to write blogs, guest blogs, social media updates, and your weekly newsletter. You need to be nurturing and connecting with your community on a weekly basis via your newsletter.

I love blogging because I love writing and I love thinking about what could be really helpful and valuable to readers to my readers.

Over the years I have observed that the true thought leaders in business I have grown to love and work with or buy from are those who are consistent. They have a weekly newsletter. They have great positioning and they are prolific – not perfect.

If you’re not quite getting on top of writing a weekly newsletter, take the time to ponder why…and then ask yourself how and when you can make the practice of a weekly newsletter possible.

I find the weekly practice of writing the newsletter makes me a better writer, makes me better at seeing ideas for articles and makes me more observant.

If you haven’t got into the groove of writing a weekly newsletter, here are some quick tips to help you kick-start it this week!!

  • Sit down and think about all the topics you could write about
  • Think about what questions your community ask you on a weekly basis
  • Think about all the things you find challenging in your business
  • Think about all the challenges you’ve had in the past and how you’ve overcome them
  • Think about your values and philosophies
  • Think about things you’ve heard and read within your industry and how you can “add to the conversation” or even debunk myths

Think about how you can write about these topics above in a way that’s helpful, encouraging, useful to your readers.

I really encourage you to work your writing muscle, stand out as a thought leader and start to carve out your niche positioning by developing the weekly habit of writing a newsletter that adds value to your readers.

Nurture your community with a newsletter each week, build that trust with them, build a strong relationship, offer great content, provide wisdom and value and you will definitely see results!

There is no time like the present to get into it and get writing.

All my best wishes and more!!!

Writing a top-notch newsletter is about being a great communicator and everyone communicates in a different way. In order to know the unique way you communicate you need to know what the most natural way of connecting with people is for you. Take my Connector Style Quiz here to discover what kind of connector you truly are.

Emma Franklin Bell x


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