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The provocateur loves letting people know the truth of the matter and standing for that in pursuit of progress. They have strong ideas backed up by solid facts and they know deep down they’re the one to say what needs to be said.

You, Provocateur, are of service to others when you’re helping people step out of their comfort zone, live bolder, play bigger and get excited by the change and progress they can bring to the world.

The way you connect with people is by telling the truth, calling BS to things and passionately encouraging people to take authentic action with their lives and live their truth.

What works naturally and authentically for this Connector Style?

Energy, passion and a bit of tough love comes naturally to you. You see potential in people and you are excited to help them see it too.

You are on fire when you’re leading the charge, being a bit ‘out there’ and standing up for what you deeply believe in is what drives you.

The provocateur is often strongest when stepping into the spotlight with:

Strength, conviction, boldness, excitement, humour and energy

The PROVOCATEUR in Summary

You draw on truth, passion, purpose and the facts. You excitedly invite others to be bold, step forward and play bigger. You help your clients and communities get off the fence and take action (yesterday).

We need more Provocateurs

We need you to motivate and excite us to act because it’s only through action that any of us get any results and that communities and societies change. We need you at our bedside at 6AM. We need you when we feel down, we need you when we feel like shying away from our dreams. We need you to not let us get away with our own BS but instead help us to see that we can play bigger if we can get comfortable facing our fears head on and speak our truth.


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