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I was doing some stretches this morning on my hot-pink yoga mat and I felt inspired to listen to Olivia Newton-John’s 1981 classic ‘Let’s Get Physical’. So, yes, as naff as it may seem, the subject line for this article was inspired by good ol’ Liv and her gym buddies in the 1981 hit!

So! Wow! How visible has Aussie icon Liv been over the years? You know the operative word there right? Years. Yes, years and years and years…

What I love about a lot of artists is their sheer drive to just keep going year after year. Have you noticed that? They just seem to go on and on and on and on. We can draw massive inspiration from artists and entertainers and we can start to analyze and decode their visibility strategies. 

While a lot of commercially ‘famous’ people appeal to a broad market, we in business or practice, often need to appeal to a select or niche market, however you can still look at the timeless principles that artists and entertainers have used and see what they do and weave that into your own visibility plan.

Here’s my list of tried and tested timeless principles that artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs have used:

Visibility via The Year in Year Out Rule – Their work, exhibitions, films, tours or albums or talks continue on year in and year out. Whether they are physically there or not their work will be featured in one way or another year in and year out.

Visibility via Consistency – It’s relentless. They just never stop. They continue to be consistent. In a recent interview I was fortunate enough to have with high-level entrepreneur Denise Duffield-Thomas she said this “…as unsexy as it sounds my success comes down to consistency, consistency, consistency.” She said she has blogged every single week for years! What do you feel your ‘consistency’ piece can be? Blogging? Podcasting? Speaking? How can you continue to get your work out there day in and day out and how can you ensure you are saying new things around your topic?

Visibility via Fresh Material – Maybe not every year, but every couple of years, artists, entertainers, and high achieving entrepreneurs bring out new things. These might not always work but fresh stuff keeps your fabulous community interested and engaged.

Visibility via Collaborations – Partner Up! Australian entrepreneur, Dale Beaumont recently told me that he’s decided to bring back his Secrets Exposed book series after years and he’s so excited to collaborate with a bunch of new authors! Creating things together not only leverages your work but it’s fun and reaches new people!

Visibility via Rebrands – Yes! Anyone who loves the online world will remember that Marie Forleo did a big website overhaul in 2016, she had a new website, images etc and everyone loved it! Rebrands reignite zest and get people pumped up and excited about what you do and what you offer all over again!

Visibility via Offshoot Products – Sometimes these fall flat but other times they can add something fresh to your practice! It’s all an experiment! You might run a short promotion of some branded product, you might do a special series, you might hold a ‘one-off’ event, these kinds of offshoot products, if successful, might go on to be a whole other arm of your business or they might just regenerate interest in your business.

Visibility via Out of Left Field Ideas – We know entertainers, artists, and entrepreneurs can sometimes do things that are crazy, naughty or strange but sometimes they do things ‘out of left field’ that are so cool that they then integrate them into their business. Look at how Richard Branson bought Necker Island and now holds retreats and masterminds there! Out of left field could be anything from incorporating your spirituality, charity work, art or health philosophy into your business and sharing it with your community.

Visibility via Events – These are of course a key piece of the artist puzzle be it the live gig, the exhibition, the preview film night, the poetry slam, the first-draft read night – whatever it is, events of some kind, at some stage, can be woven into the mix. From intimate to large-scale events, meeting people and forming bonds in the flesh is priceless.

Visibility via Images – In the visual world we live in, continuing to have images that are both of yourself and of things that represent your brand values, your business and your goals is great for emotionally connecting with your community. Instagram is so good for this, it bonds people through images and is about the most effective way you can do this on Social at the moment.

Visibility via The Media – Finally no stone goes unturned when it comes to artists and the media. When they do something, say something, are into or onto something new it hits the media. As we know, this is not always great for them, but if managed well this is how they get the reach, by having their latest ventures brought into the spotlight in the media. So, in essence when you do something new, or change, win, acquire or anything exciting be sure to share it on Social, do a video on it, write something about it, get in the groove of sharing your news.

As a lover of artists, creators, thinkers, and makers I love looking to their industries to see how they’re doing things and raising their visibility.

All the greats of these industries, currently and throughout history are incredible marketers without even realizing it. Well, now it’s time for us to analyse what they’ve been doing for years and bring it to the world of business and entrepreneurship!

What are you doing currently in your content plan to focus on visibility?

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