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Emma FRanklin Bell

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By Emma FRanklin Bell

Imagine the moment you see your book out there online, in a bookshop, in a library or you
give it as a gift to everyone at your book launch. What about the moment someone emails
you and shares how your written work has impacted their thinking or changed their life,
how will that feel?

Quite simply, it feels incredible and now it’s time for you to write your first book. It’s time to step forward, get your words down on the page and amplify your big, bold message to those who need it most.

Write Your First Non-Fiction Book walks you through the key components needed to write
your first book and opens you up to what’s possible once you unleash your creativity, find
your writer’s voice and have a roadmap of where to go and what to do next.

You may have ideas, notes, even chapters sitting in files waiting for the day to turn them into a book, well,
today is the day to change that. Buckle in and get ready to write your first non-fiction book.

This practical and insightful book will show you how to:

•Unlock your creativity
•Get started and what to focus on first
•Find your unique writer’s voice
•Know who you’re writing for
•Discover your topic once and for all
•Tell stories and why you need them
•Structure and lay out your book
•Create eye-catching book titles and covers
•Get your book easily edited and self-published

This book is focused on teaching you the must-do elements of writing a book and on guiding you to take action in practical terms. At the end of each chapter there are specific writing exercises designed to really help you go deeper into what was covered in that chapter so you unlock more of your writing capabilities and creativity.



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