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The Advocate loves getting to the heart of the matter through inquiry and observation of self, individuals, and society. They love creating an open space to invite others to share what’s really going on.

You, Advocate, are of service to others when you’re supporting someone in a conversation to unlock their ideas, share their truth and discover new insights about themselves and others. You see things holistically and get moved to help people’s lives improve by really finding out what’s going on for them.

The way you connect with people is by listening and observing the world, then reflecting those insights back to us so that we feel more informed, insightful and aware of what’s going on around us. This then allows us to feel more confident that our experiences matter and our lives matter and that we can all contribute something unique to the conversation at large. 

What comes naturally and authentically for this Connector style?

Conversations, listening, exchange of dialogue, discussion, reporting and proposing are natural and authentic ways for you to connect and communicate.

Drawing out the insights, listening, noticing the triggers and the excitement in people and sensing change are skills that come naturally to you. You often see things on the meta level even if people are discussing the details. You see a bigger picture, you see the potential for more and you advocate for that.

The Advocate is often strongest when stepping into the spotlight with:

Intensity, excitement, focus, empathy, confidence, curiosity and, courage.

The ADVOCATE in Summary

You love listening, thinking and asking questions of self and others and you’re insatiably curious about the world. You help us progress by reflecting back to us what’s happening to us, to other people and to society across all walks of life and you share with us your insights on how we may learn and grow, become more aware of each other’s challenges and contributions as a result. You put your ideas out there on what you feel could move us all forward.

We need more Advocates

We need you to remind us what’s really happening at the coalface for people so we never get complacent and we continue to always learn and grow from each other. We need you to tell us of trends you spot in society, changes you see on the horizon or new ideas you sense emerging from the engaged conversations and discussions you are having. We need you to propose what could improve life for both ourselves and other people.


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