JOIN OVER 1,000 WOMEN WHO HAVE DISCOVERED THE 5 essentials needED to write A (NON-FICTION) book

Map, Plan & Write

If you're a business/life coach, yoga/drama/meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, psychologist or anyone running a practice and you've had "write a book" on your to-do list for years, let's get that goal kicked off this year!



VIDEO & PDF #1 Your Readers 
Find out who your ready-to-buy readers are which then reveals to you who you're writing for.

VIDEO & PDF #2 Your Book Topic
Unlock and identify the topic you need to be writing right now so you add value and get known on a whole new level.

VIDEO & PDF #3 Your Book Type
Learn about all your different book type options and then decide on the best type of book that will work for you and your business moving forward.

VIDEO & PDF #4 The Before & After
 When it comes to your writing you must have this in mind at all times so you truly connect with readers and you become an author they love.

VIDEO & PDF #5 Your Signature Stories
Discover your specific stories that are going to be perfect for you when it comes to peppering your book with interesting and powerful stories that brings your book to life and resonates with readers.

this workshop ran live in january, get access to all the videos & pdf's now!

Although I would love to help writers who are writing a variety of books, at this stage, this particular challenge workshop is ONLY focused on the following:

Women who:

In business or have a practice

Focused on building their community

If that's you - jump aboard and jump on into the challenge!
ALSO, just a heads up lovelies, tthis challenge has NOT been designed for:

Memoir or fiction, short story or poetry writers


"The Book Challenge has given me a framework and structure to organise my thoughts into manageable sections for writing. You provided a method for sorting that big, messy mass of ideas in my head and notebooks, into logical sections of content for drafting."
Sufiya Azoor Hughes, Consultant

"Your Book Challenge has fuelled the fire of my passion for writing this book at this time in my life. I thank you for your powerful presence and the peace you bring to the process. That combination of passion and peace is truly powerful."
Lyndal Edwards, Founder Blossom Books & Author, Life Gardener

"What a valuable and great mini-course for anyone embarking on their book writing. Emma shares a number of methodical tips throughout the week which breaks down what can seem to be the overwhelming and enormous task of writing a book. Emma's relaxed and positive style emanates through the computer screen so that you end up feeling this way as well!"
Lesley O'Donoghue Mindset | Vitality | Potential

"Taking the Book Challenge has really helped me to crystallise my ideas. At the beginning of the challenge I had a vague idea of a topic, but by the end, I had a much clearer idea of who I was writing for, what my topic was and more importantly what I can contribute of value to a very particular reader. I loved the momentum of the short but powerful exercises we did during the challenge. Emma is so supportive."
Ingrid Hofman, Burnout Coach

"For anyone who has been thinking about writing and has no idea where or how to start you will definitely have ideas from Video 1 of the challenge. Thanks to Emma the book I have been told for years I was writing is actually going to be happening!"
Trish Murray, Certified SOUL Coach ® Practitioner

"Rarely do I finish challenges that I sign up for but I found this one 'doable' and it has really helped me see possibilities for moving forward with writing my book/s. If you have a chance to work with Emma whether it be in the challenge or one of her courses, then jump at the chance."
Lynne Carey

"Emma knows her stuff! She's excited to help everyone get their story out - her techniques are creative and inspiring. I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone that is looking to start the process of writing a book."
Christine Bergsma


get access to all the videos & pdf's now!

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Emma Franklin Bell is a writer and communications expert. She is passionate about helping women increase their visibility, amplify their message and step into leadership. As a podcaster, Emma has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs from all around the globe.
As a featured guest she has appeared on numerous shows including The Mark Bouris Show, Should I Start A Podcast with Ronsley Vaz and Women, Leadership & Work with Megan Dalla-Camina. Emma is the author of 3 books and has also written and spoken for Leadership HQ Magazine, Wellness Hubs and Business in Heels.
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