23 Wonderful Women to Work With in 2023

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As one year comes to a close and another year prepares to open and unfold you may feel stirrings or yearnings to develop and stretch further in your life or practice, questions like; what am I feeling I need on an individual level? What kinds of questions do I want to be asked that would be thought-provoking and stretch me? Do I want to challenge myself with how I want to feel on a physical and mental health level?

Individual work is more intimate. It’s closer to what’s really going on for you, it’s deeper and it can be more confronting. It can open you up to places and spaces that you weren’t quite aware of, or sure of, but it’s in the depth, and in the core of that exploration, that you awaken to a new learning or a new level or a new part of yourself and that’s really exciting – that’s soulful work.

In the interest of one of my values being to support and share the work of kind souls doing great work, here are some suggestions of some amazing women who I know work with people one-to-one in a variety of ways. I absolutely do not get a kickback from these women. Yes, some of them have been my clients in the past, and some of them I know on a personal level and so, therefore, I know from personal experience, they are genuine human beings with an intent that is coming from the right place.

These women are giving, compassionate women who are focused on your success, energy and health in your work and life. And they are just all-round, great women who I’m honoured and happy to know, so I thought I’d share the wonderful work they do in the world. If you feel called to get in touch with one of these women, I’d love it if you mention that you came through me so that we keep the good vibes and the love vibes going around and around 🙂

23 Wonderful Women to Work With in 2023

1. Allergy Counselling – Simone Albert

2. Bookkeeping, Money Management & Financial Support – Sonja Balzarolo

3. Business Coaching – Leyla Banaei

4. Copywriting & Neuroscience Speaker – Jessica Lee

5. Editor – Karen Crombie

6. Editor, Writer & Life Enrichment Teacher – Lyndal Edwards

7. Editor (fiction) – Lauren McKellar

8. Executive Coaching – Kylie Chain

9. Feminine Empowerment Coach – Connie Chapman

10. Grief Recovery – Jodie Atkinson

11. Life & Clarity Coach – Callie Brown

12. Life Coach & Human Design – Janine Langdon-Lee

13. Massage Therapist & Alignment Mentor – Mish McMullen

14. Meditation Teacher, Chakra Guidance & Voice Over Artist – Zoe Sheridan

15. Media Training and Communication – Amber Daines

16. Movement & Expressive Arts Therapy – Cathy Williams

17. Naturopath – Hayley Stockbridge

18. NLP Certification & Coaching – Lauren Jobson

19. Podcast Creation/Coaching & Human Design – Karly Nimmo

20. Postpartum Care & Support – Tara Greenaway

21. Psychologist for Mothers – Dr Hilary Claire Rowsell

22. Psychotherapy – Letitia Colautti

23. Voice-Over Training & VO Artist – Alexandra Lopez

Bonus: Moi – Book Writing & Small Business Coaching for those in the creative/healing industries



  1. Elton on December 16, 2022 at 2:01 pm

    Callie Brown is amazing.

  2. Lauren Jobson on December 16, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    Thanks gorgeous Em!!! Love this list and honoured to be on it. Thank you 😊 💓

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